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Using the unique formula described in Ricky Taylor's critically acclaimed book 'Pace Wins the Race', we are now able to provide our members with exclusive access to ground breaking pace ratings.


Members will now be able to understand how a race is likely to be run, and which horses are likely to take an early lead. These ratings will be of considerable interest to those interested in 'betting-in-running' or 'in-play' markets as horses that take an early lead are likely to contract in odds during the early part of a race. Draw analyst will also wish to note well drawn horses that have a record of breaking well and establishing an early lead.


The ratings are only available from this site and can be viewed daily. Members can find out how to use them to best effect by downloading a FREE ebook version of 'Pace Wins the Race' (worth £17.99) and can incorporate the ratings into their own strategies.


Ratings overview

The pace ratings are currently only available for flat races (turf and all-weather) run in Great Britain and Ireland.


The raw race rating is a score out of 16 points that provides a numerical summary of how the horse has ran in it's three previous races. The higher the score the more evidence has been recorded of the horse racing up with the pace.


The probability score is the % chance that the horse will show early pace in today's race.


Note that more than one horse in every race can show early pace, and that is why the probabilities do not sum to 100%.


Inevitably predicting early pace is not an exact science because jockey and trainer may choose to change the horses usual tactics. However, the ratings have been tested over many years and tend to predict early pace more often than not.


The computerised ratings that are produced here may differ slightly from the ratings you would produce by following the advice in 'Pace Wins The Race'. This is because the scoring system has been slightly revised over the years.


We hope you find the ratings a useful addition to your form analysis

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